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Isabela Cristina Soares

Isabela Cristina Soares

Isabela Cristina Soares

Isabela Cristina Soares

from São Paulo SP, Brazil


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  • KleineAmelie

    Hi Isabela, take a look at my blog if you like my style!xx

  • MontseGavino

    Hi! I just start this amazing blog that is gonna change your life!!
    Well, jaja maybe not, but surely you like it:
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  • Filipamoreira

    Oi Isabela,

    Check out my new facebook page and "like" it please.



  • kattiany

    Oi, olha se vc gosta do meu estilo...se SIM, me segue??

  • deise_tayla
  • styledestino

    interesting pictures!!

    do check out mine too :) Wud really be glad if u can visit my blog and tell me what do u think about it: http://styledestino.blogspot.com/

  • robertataglia

    Hi dear! Could you help me voting Robertataglia under "Start votig now!"? Thanks a lot :D http://blog.fashiolista.com/artikel/style-challenge-my-wardrobe-finalists/#more-14411/

  • LorenitaDSR

    Hello Isabela! I'm glad with your words! Such a lovely girl! I like your style too! And of course i will follow you back! XoXo

    • Isa_Soares
    • LorenitaDSR

      Oh Dear! I almost forgot! Can you please follor my blog?
      ♥ Blog: http://freakyfashionfriday.blogspot.com/
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      Thank you

    • Isa_Soares
  • Filipamoreira

    Hey Isabella!!

    I already follow your blog!
    Please, follow my blog too!! I look forward!!


  • Filipamoreira

    Hey Isabela! ;)

    If you like, become a member of my blog!


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    • Filipamoreira

      I follow you too in fashiolista!!
      Thank you so much!!

      Follow each other



    • Isa_Soares
    • Filipamoreira

      I follow your blog now!
      Follow my blog too!! I look forward!!