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Ebba Zingmark

Ebba Zingmark

Ebba Zingmark
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Ebba Zingmark

from Umeå, Sweden


  • Fab Mix | Products | Lee Jeans Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Graphic Tee | Products | Lee Jeans Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Sleveless Rider
  • aa121904225906c6f86a915f285c6a37.jpg (800x534 pixels)
  • Get Stoned Zip Fleece
  • Rock Out Jeans - New Arrivals - Clothing - Women
  • Random Days T-shirt
  • EBBA x VOLCOM | ebbazingmark.devote.se
  • http://st.mngbcn.com/rcs/pics/static/T2/fotos/S9/21090122_OW.jpg
  • http://st.mngbcn.com/rcs/pics/static/T2/fotos/outfit/S9/23010083_02-24070125_02-23030195_ND.jpg
  • http://st.mngbcn.com/rcs/pics/static/T1/fotos/outfit/S1/13087562_02-11008802_02.jpg
  • http://st.mngbcn.com/rcs/pics/static/T1/fotos/outfit/S1/13079023_02-13067595_02.jpg
  • http://st.mngbcn.com/rcs/pics/static/T2/fotos/outfit/S1/21090230_GO-21080006_01-23050143_02.jpg
  • http://cdn04.devote.se/gallery/big/20131008/e64ee3fcd3fb22b49e88f6183012f076.jpg
  • http://cdn11.lbstatic.nu/files/looks/medium/2013/10/08/3330438_lookbook1bzzbbz.jpg?1381236787
  • Extra Long Dark Blue Denim Hoodie
  • EBBA Z FOR ROMWE- AN URBAN PLAYGROUND | ebbazingmark.devote.se
  • http://s3.amazonaws.com/bigcartel/themes/sexy/images/zoom/zoom-spin-1.png
  • Motel Louski Sheer Babydoll Dress in Black Mesh
  • rustic love hair wreath (ivory) / bridal rose headband, wedding headpiece, flower crown, vintage inspired, peach, dainty small ribbon tie.
  • Hand Painted Dark Galaxy Denim Jacket
  • Asymmetric
  • High-Rise Denim Shorts
  • 2 kpl hiussolkia – H&M:stä
  • http://static7.superfish.com/images_np/shared/sys_v2/images/mus/mus_submitter20-06-2012_10-35-17/category_55/detail55/14618782_1117142138
  • http://iwearsin.com/4795-19766-thickbox/ebbazteasingtop.jpg
  • http://iwearsin.com/4757-19529-home/ebbazteasingtop.jpg
  • Zonnebril – van H&M
  • http://www.lebunnybleu.com/skin/frontend/default/lebunny/images/product_cart_need_popup.jpg
  • http://s3.amazonaws.com/bigcartel/themes/sexy/images/zoom/zoom-spin-1.png
  • Front Row Shop op art check printed top
  • Front Row Shop Ripped jeans
  • ecugo
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi W @Sarenza.nl
  • pastel pink rose crown - statement large flower rose crown, santa monica, headpiece, hair accessory, festival crown, romantic, whimsical.
  • Rose Red Half Sleeve Blouse with Split Side Shorts