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Community guidelines

Fashiolista is all about sharing your style and getting fresh fashion inspiration. To keep the website safe, positive and inspiring we have created a list of 10 tips for a better Fashiolista. We like to look at these tips as our 10 commandments; with a slightly lighter pressure of course.

1. Be respectful
Fashiolista is a community for people. People from different countries, climates and cultures. Please be respectful to other users' style, views and beliefs. Individual tastes are personal, but in the end we all speak the same language. The language of fashion.

2. Be selective
Please be selective when adding fashion finds. We know every style is unique; that's why we encourage you to add items that you really love instead of adding the entire store. This way your style is best defined and your profile will be most inspiring to other users.

3. Be critical
Fashiolista is about fashion, so please try to add only fashion items. Of course there is no harm in adding an occasional beauty item, but try to keep it on topic. Avoid adding personal pictures, pets and popstar posters. (That's a lot of p's, yes.)

4. Help your friends
The best way to add items to Fashiolista is straight from the store where you can buy your finds. If that’s not possible, use the blog or page where you’ve found the item. This way you make it easy for other users to learn more about your find and they can actually buy it. Score!

5. Report nudity
We don’t allow nudity on the website because we welcome visitors from all age groups. Fashiolista is about fashion, not the skin beneath.

6. Report objectionable content
Adding on commandment number 5, we also don’t allow hateful content or content that encourages people to hurt themselves. Peace out.

7. Avoid duplicates
It’s no fun looking at the same item twice, so please avoid adding duplicate items. You can check with the search function if your find has already been added by someone else. Fashiolista automatically ‘merges’ duplicate items that were added from the same store. However, if you do find a duplicate, please use the ‘report it’ button next to the image and add the link to the original item. We'll review it for you.

8. Don’t spam
We love reading your gossip, but please don’t use it to spam other users to follow you, to promote your blog or to win a contest. Instead, let other users know why you love their style, how they inspire you and get to know them.

9. Don’t copy
We love the beautiful pictures users add to their profiles, but we need to warn you that copyright infringements are a serious matter. The best way to avoid any consequences related to the infringement of copyright is to share only content of which you own the rights. Be creative, be inspirational, but don’t copy!

10. Let us know your thoughts
Fashiolista is for users and by users, and that's why we take all your feedback, suggestions and tips very seriously. Give us a sign when something's not working or when you have a luminous idea to make Fashiolista rock. We love reading your input and are very flattered you take the time to care.